What Will You Do If Phones And The Internet Die Tomorrow?

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So what do you think? What would happen if phones and the internet die tomorrow? Not sure?

Well scrap that!

Let me ask you something else. What is the phone number of your office buddy? Or what day was the 15th of May 2029, or what 25+64+143 equals to?

If you had to look at your phone to answer, you answered the first question.

‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ – and the Internet Killed Them All

The Buggles 1979 hit was reminiscent of the era where video replaced the radio. 40 years hence, the internet did the same. Only the count of casualties is more in this case. It not only killed the radio and the video but also killed the TV, the newspaper, and the music players. It replaced those gossips with friends, that game of roadside cricket, that cherished Sunday morning watching TV with the family.

No. I am not complaining. New has always replaced the old, it’s a universal truth. But yes, I am a bit sad.

It is Sad

Remember collecting lyrics from audio cassette inlays. Or setting up the VCR to watch a movie with the family. Those mornings sitting glued to the TV screen so you don’t miss the ‘Thought of the day’ on Doordarshan. Waiting without batting an eyelid for that song on Chitrahaar. And such other memories.

What Will You Do If Phones And The Internet Die Tomorrow

Today these things are at your fingertips. thanks to the phone and the internet, but the sense of accomplishment associated with them and that small happiness are lost…

…lost like the signals of your phone.

Sad. Isn’t it?

We Might Get Stronger if Phones and the Internet Die Tomorrow

Yes, I am sad. But I can’t deny our dependence on technology. If phones and the internet die tomorrow it will have a catastrophic result. Technology has penetrated every inch of our lifestyle. Be it waking us up in the morning or ordering food. Be it keeping track of calories burnt or IoT turning on the music system. Everything is connected to our phone or the internet. The Internet and phone are the lifelines.

But again everything that does not kill us makes us stronger. And this is no different. If we can survive this hypothetical digital blackout, we might just come out a better person.

It Might Actually Be Good if Phones and the Internet Die Tomorrow

What Will You Do If Phones And The Internet Die Tomorrow

My mom always says ‘বিজ্ঞান আমাদের দিয়েছে বেগ, কেড়ে নিয়েছে আবেগ’ which is a Bengali saying which means ‘Science has given us speed, has taken away emotions’. So very true.

543 friends on FB and 4.74K followers on Insta, still can’t equate with those shared cigarettes with that friend on the moonlight drenched roof. Listening to an audiobook cannot replace grandma’s tales. No Zomato or Swiggy listings can taste as good as that homemade food.

We may feel that the internet and phone have replaced many things, but could it? A digital blackout is necessary for us to realize that this digital world is just an illusion.

What if Phones and the Internet Die Tomorrow – a Realization

We admire things only when we have lost them. This COVID lockdown situation has made us realize that we are social beings.

I am not blaming the internet, in fact, it has always helped us to be close to our loved ones. It is in fact our self-defined pseudo-priorities which has made us solitary in the real world. It created a virtual hollow-graphic world.

So What Will Happen if the Phones and the Internet Die Tomorrow?

I can’t comprehend. But if this means that the digital virtual reality will be replaced with a more human touch, I am not complaining.

I guess it’s not the phones and internet which matters but what importance we give them in our life. More importantly how HUMAN we are!

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  1. Mayoora Kadam Malik
    June 2, 2020

    I like your way of writing. It is articulate and eloquent. An intresting read!


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