What to check before buying/selecting a semi automatic washing machine

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Recently I purchased a washing machine for ourself. I just got married and the days of repeating days old jeans is over. Also when you get married you will soon realise that the neighborhood dhobi is no more an option and washing machine is a sheet necessity.

So coming back to the topic, I realised that although we go for technical details, there are a few things we often miss out. Here are few things to keep in mind before zeroing down on a model.


Now a days most of the washing machines come equipped with wheels. However it is always better to make sure if it has wheels.

In many of the apartments space crunch is a serious issue and it often becomes a headache to place the washing machine at a permanent placement. Often you might need to keep the machine a one place and move it near the washing place while using. Having wheels in such cases becomes a necessity.


While most of us are interested in the capacity of the washing machine, we often do not take the dimension into account. Unless you are living in a mansion or really big house, it is always advisable to decide the location of where you will place the washing machine and check the dimension of the machine. Often it happens that the machine died not fit for just a inch or half. Dimensions are easily available in the online stores and the seller website.


This is probably something you have already decided. However if you have not or are not sure, check for the biggest item you might wash in the machine. For most of us it would be the bedsheet for the king size bed. Your washing machine must be big enough to accommodate your daily load of clothes. This tip is my mom’s. Moms never fail 🙂


This is something I did not count in while purchasing washing mashing for my mom. I had a Godrej washing machine and it has a buzzer which starts buzzing a minute before the actual cycle ends. Also you can’t switch it off. Now if you think it’s not a big deal, just wait for the time when the buzzer starts in the middle of a online meeting. Yup, I have faced that.


I was checking out the washing machines the other day when the salesman showed me a maching in white. He told me that there is also a full black version but it costs ₹2000 more. I was like color me kya rakkha hai. Then Pallavi, my better half was swift in pointing out that we can’t go for white, even if the black one costs more. Reason – white will become dirty very quickly. Valid argument. So keep that in mind.

Outlet orientation

Most washing machines have the ability to switch the outlet in either side. However it’s always better to be sure. Incase it is fixed – do check if it will fit in the location you plan to place the machine.

Detachable parts

If you have any small kid in house, it is better to go for a machine which has no small detachable parts or are tough to detach. One they might go missing – thanks to the curious kids no a days and second they might cause hazard.

Year of introduction

It is always good to go for latest model and the one which is most populer. Machines do malfunction and when it dies it is very essential that the replacement parts are readily available. Older or less popular model’s parts are often hard to find.


If possible go for the popular models. First their parts are easily available and it is far more easy to find solutions to simple problems on YouTube for popular models then less popular ones.

So, these are some pointers on top of my mind at the moment. Do comment suggestions you might have.


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