What are the pros and cons of purchasing washing maching from Amazon.

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This is about my experience with purchasing a semi automatic Whirlpool washing machine from Amazon. This is my opinion and not a legal opinion.

Whirlpool semi automatic top load washing machine 7 .5 kg

This write-up is based on my purchase of Whirlpool semi automatic washing machine. For other products or brands thing might be different. Also this was purchased at Noida and delivered to a second floor of a flat.

Benefits of purchasing washing machine from Amazon

There are few definite benefits of buying washing from Amazon

  • Price was definitely lower for the model I purchased. The same model was selling for 2-2.5k more in brick and mortar stores near my place.
  • I hade a wide option to choose from and compare the price.
  • Many of the models now have free open box inspection option.it means that you have an opportunity to get the product delivered to you and the delivery executive will open the box of the product and key you inspect it. It is to ensure if the product is correct and free from physical damages. More about this here.
  • You get free installation from the service personnel of the brand. In case your product is not elegible for the same, you can call the brand customer service and fix an appointment.
  • You have the ability to fix a slot for delivery.bthis is great for working people.
  • The delivery personal will call you before delivery to ensure your availability.
  • As per my talk with the Amazon guys you also get service from Amazon in case of any issue with the product, which the regular shops don’t provide now a days.
  • You have the ability to purchase additional warranty from Amazon itself from providers like Acko, one assist etc.
  • The service personal during visit usually comes with additional parts one might need. Fir example brand authorised stabilizer and stand for refrigerator and cleaning solution for washing maching. Although this is not specific for Amazon only.
  • You also have the ability to purchase AMC from the service personnel at discounted price on their visit.

Negative aspect of buying from Amazon

There are also a few negative aspe rs of our hasi g washing machine from Amazon.

  • You don’t have the ability to physically see the product before purchase
  • You don’t have any sales person explaining the benefits of the product prior to purchase.
  • Involves a bit of additional work to get things right – like getting the warranty card, invoice in correct order.
  • You need to be a bit tech savvy to get the best out of an Amazon purchase.in my case it took a bit of surfing the net and a few calls to both amaon and Whirlpool customer care guys to get piece of mind. After all a little bit of skeptism remains when purchasing large appliances online.

Over all thought and conclusion

In my personal experience, out hai from Amazon is easy and less hectic for working people like me. People like us have everything but the time and energy to go for physical shopping. In such cases it becomes far more easy to purchase large appliances from Amazon.

Do read the related posts for knowing what should you keep in mind for getting the warrenty card and invoices in place and more about the Amazon open box inspection.

Just to make it clear that I am in no way affiliated with Amazon and this is purely my personal view.

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