Those 15 minutes

It again happened today after many months. It was a starlit beautiful evening and I was on my way to the office when she boarded the auto. She sat opposite to me and was busy surfing her cellphone and I could see her face lit up by the backlight of her phone and the occasional dim glow of the passing street lights. With her curly hair hiding part of her face like those dark clouds which were trying to hide the aura of the moon above us and her loveable face, dusky glow and dark big eyes and dangling ear-rings, she was beautiful. With ‘I can’t tell you why’ by Eagles playing through the earphones and booming in my head I was just looking at her and thousand thoughts kept rhythmically wandering in my head with the musical beats of the song. It had been 15 minutes – most beautiful 15 minutes when I was woken up from my open-eyed dream by reality. I had to get down. I just wish I had a few more moments to sit with her, but then again they say stolen kisses and short rendezvous are always the sweetest. My unplanned rendezvous had to end, but those 15 minutes will stay with me for a long time.

This was originally posted by me on 28th September 2014. This a part of a series of posts that I will be posting and containing blog posts written by me long back. I had almost lost them (many of them are still lost). Pallavi (my fiancée ❤️) suggested to me that I should start writing again and she really wanted to read my old blogs. So I am here searching the bylanes of the digital black hole and trying to scavenge my old lost posts. Coming back to this particular post, I guess it is not at all a good idea to post an old story of my ’15-minute crush’ and let my fiancée read it. But then a second thought says that before being my fiancée or my wife, she is my friend and you actually say everything to your friend, don’t you? So it goes out to my friend Pallavi. While I was reading the post it suddenly strikes me that girl described in this post is exactly like Pallavi or maybe it was actually her! But I can’t say as I don’t remember that incident. I guess that ‘long time’ of the last line of the post is over!

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