Stuck With Professional Service That’s Less Than Professional?

Have you ever worked with a freelance designer – whose lack of professionalism costs you additional time and money? 

I bet you did.

When I say professionalism, I don’t just mean professional ethics but also a professional way of working. Being a freelancer is great and learning the trade and art on your own is even better. However, it is necessary that one keeps up with what is happening around in their respective field and knows how things are done professionally.

To put that into perspective, let me give you some examples.

Let’s say, you hire a logo designer. The guy does a great job creating the logo, you asked for revisions – he made those. You liked the design, paid the freelancer, and got your design. 3 months down the line you plan to put up a poster of your new product to realize that the freelancer did not provide you with a vector version of the logo. So you cannot use the logo on the banner without losing quality. You had to hire another designer to retrace and vectorize the logo. Additional price and time.

Let’s see a second example. You get a website banner designed. The designer used an image from Google without caring about the origin. Now 5 months later you get a legal notice from Shutterstock who is demanding money for illegal usage of their image. You have no clue – but under law of the land, you are fully liable. Your reputation and peace of mind are at stake – and you pay out a hefty sum. The total amount of fines can easily range in lakhs.

Let’s see another example. You get a website developed. The developer does not follow the protocols and does shady work. Everything looks and works great. But 5 months later you hire someone else to make a minor change – and now under the hood, everything is messed up. Now you need to pay the new developer twice or thrice to get the things sorted and make the changes.

So you see that getting a freelance at a lower price is good but is damn costly in the long run. And this is not what only I am saying but I have many clients who came to me with such shady works to get things corrected. 

No one can claim that they know everything, but they must at least keep themselves abreast with the recent changes in the field.

Even today I see designers using animated gifs for a logo when you have the option to use animated SVG, people are still stuck with default fonts while we now have variable web fonts, designers are still using illegally copied images and causing legal trouble to the clients. There is a long list.

So it is essential to understand that cheap work is not always cheap in terms of money, but it is more often cheap in terms of quality.

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