Really Awesome and Quirky Chai-Lover T-Shirts to Buy

chai lover t-shirt

If “Chal Chai Peene” is your most favorite 3 words this post is for you. Read on!

T-Shirts for the tea Addicts

There are tea lovers and then there is tea addict. For them, tea is their fuel. They are the ones who will never say no to tea. Give them their chai and sutta and they can take over the world. In every group, there is one such person who is practically in a relationship with chai. If you cannot find such a person in your group – it’s most probably you.

I too am a tea addict and for me every charcha needs chai. Here is my take on some of the really awesome t-shirts for us tea-addicts!

Best tea lover t-shirts to buy online 2021

Here is my collection of the best Chai t-shirts which you can buy in 2021.

Chai-Sutta and Chill t-shirt

This is my personal favorite. For chai addicts like us, Chai and Sutta is the ultimate chill. No, we don’t need Netflix to Chill. So the next time your ex asks you to Netflix and Chill, be a sakth launda and go for Chai-Sutta and Chill instead. Check out the Chai Sutta Chill t-shirt.

Chai on the Rocks Funny t-shirt

If you prefer your favorite Chai ki Tapri over the Booze Bar, this is your t-shirt. Perfect pun and play with words and awesome graphics make this the perfect t-shirt for a chai lover. After all Chai on the rocks or not – chai still rocks! Check out the Chai on the rocks t-shirt/

CHA-rging – Quirky Chai Lover T-Shirt

This is for those people for whom tea is fuel. If you get back to your senses and get recharged after your morning cup of tea, I can relate. A t-shirt for us mere mortals who swear by tea. Check out the ultra quirky CHA-rging tea lover t-shirt.

Do let me know your favorite Chai t-shirt and your favorite Chai moment.

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