‘Error while adding site. Error code: GENERIC_ERROR’ – WordPress App Error While Adding Self-Hosted Website – How to Resolve? A Workaround

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best CMS platforms available out there. Be it a self-hosted blog or the WordPress hosted one. Although primarily used for blogging, it has evolved to cater to various needs – portfolio, service websites, e-commerce, and whatnot. With the biggest pool of contributors, the functionality of WordPress is ever-expanding.

WordPress also comes in handy when you want to publish your website via mobile. For this WordPress has a dedicated app that caters to both self-hosted as well as WordPress-hosted blogs. Installing and adding sites to the app is also easy and straightforward. However, if you are reading this post, it does mean that your experience was not that easy and straightforward. Well, here is how to get the WordPress app working.

The Error – ‘Error while adding site. Error code: GENERIC_ERROR’

The error crops up when you try to add a self hosted website to the WordPress app. It does not say much except for the fact that it is a Generic Error.

Cause of the Error – WordPress app xmlrpc error?

Frankly speaking, I don’t know. However there are various learned comments on the WordPress Android forum, GitHub, StackOverflow, WordPress app support, Also there are various solutions provided there which range from XMLRPC issue, to plugin issue, to Akismet plugin and so on.

As per a user spardorp on WordPress Android Forum the problem can be solved by blocking the firewall access to XML-RPC. Read the solution here. In my case, I tried the solutions but failed.

How to Solve the Issue

Here I am not actually solving the issue per se. The links mentioned above might work for you. However here I am discussing a workaround to get over the issue.

The Work Around

Since you are using the WordPress app, you must have jetpack already installed on your WordPress site. Go to the Jetpack dashboard. Scroll to the bottom. Under ‘Connections’ you will find ‘Site Connection’ and ‘Account Connection’.

In ‘Account Connection’ you can find the connected e-mail id. Below it, you will get a link ‘Log in to the WordPress Mobile app’. Use that link to ask WordPress to send you the login link to your e-mail id. You can use this to log in to your app.

Keep in mind that the link can be used once and is valid for one hour. However once logged in, you will remain logged in to the account until you log out yourself.

Hope that was able to solve the issue or atleast have a workaround.

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