How to change default function key and media key settings in Acer Aspire Laptops – (With images)

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This is a tutorial on how to change the default settings of the media/function keys in Acer Laptops so that the keys normally work as function keys and as media keys when used in combination with the FN key.

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In Acer Aspire laptops Function keys work as Media Keys as default – How to change it?

If you have bought an Acer Aspire laptop recently, you must have found a very unusual default setting. Unlike the previous Acer Laptops with dual function/media key, which worked as function as default, the newer laptops work as media key as default.

Since most laptops nowadays are used for entertainment purposes, this setup does make sense. However, if you use it for other work, it becomes a problem.

For example when you have to use the functions keys with shift or other keys. Like shift + F2 in MS Word to cycle through capitalization. In the current set up you will have to use FN + Shift + F2 which is not easy unless you are an Acrobat.

Steps to change the default Function key setup

For changing the settings we need to change the settings in the BIOS via the boot screen

This setting change needs tweaking the BIOS setting. Changing any wrong setting may severely damage your laptop. Unless you are comfortable using the Boot screen and BIOS setup and have some experience in changing the BIOS setup, it is strongly suggested that you don’t proceed further.

Please go ahead at your own risk.

Step O: Plug in your charging cable

This is not a step technically, but nevertheless a very important instruction. Make sure your computer has enough charge or is connected to the wall outlet. It is not a good idea for your computer to shut down midway when you are on the boot screen. The results can be – bad.

Step 1. Shut down your laptop

Shut down your laptop if it’s not. Don’t use restart, sleep, hibernate, etc. You can only enter the Boot screen when your computer is starting (booting)

Shut down your laptop

Step 2. Enter the boot screen

Once your laptop is switched off, we can enter the Boot screen.

Press the on switch and immediately start pressing the F2 key repeatedly. You just need to press the F2 key (you don’t need to press the FN key along with this).

You might see the Acer logo and then the screen will go black. Don’t stop pressing the F2 key. Keep pressing the F2 key until you see the boot screen.

The boot screen will be something like the screenshot below

Enter Boot Screen

Step 3. Head over to the Main tab and function key settings

Once in the BIOS screen, use the right/left arrow key to select the main tab. Use the primary arrow keys, the one on the Numpad might not work.

Select the Main tab

Next use the sown arrow to go to the Function Key Behaviour option

Select the Function Key Behaviour setting

Step 4. Change Function key setting

Once you have selected the function key behavior setting, press enter key to change the setting

Press enter to change setting

Use the up/down arrow keys to select the Function Key option. By default, the Media Key selection is selected.

Select the Function Key option

Press enter to confirm the selection

Step 5. Save the settings

Once you have changed the settings, confirm the same. If everything looks okay, save and exit. Normally you need to press F10 to save the settings.

Do check the botom ribbon to check which key is for saving and exit

You are done

Once the computer restarts, check the function keys.

That’s it.

Hope this tutorial was easy to follow and helpful.


  1. Swanand
    March 13, 2021

    After trying almost everything on internet this worked!!! Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Jim
    December 24, 2021

    Thank you!!! That did it!


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