Disable Glance lock screen wallpaper/ads on Xiaomi or Mi mobiles

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When it comes to budget mobile phones with pelothra of features, MI does capture the coveted top spot. Xiaomi phones have for the last couple of years brought out some of the best seller smart phones well within the reach of most Indians. However there are something about the MI phones which many do not like.

One of such issues with the MI phones are presence of number of bloatwates and apps. They are most of the time innocent but few are irritting. And the worst part most of them cannot be removed. Some of them even pose usability issue – like the speed ball won’t allow the notification to run on Chrome.

In this post we will be looking at how to disable the glance screen

Auto updating lock screen background – Glance

Most of the latest MI phones now come with pre-installed Glance app. This app  is basically a lock screen application which provides artificial intelligence driven content in the form of images and links.  You can customize the app to show you relevant information.

In general this app is useful and adds a dynamic element to the rather boring lock screen. However there are few like me who are rather happy with the boring lockscreen. If you are of the later kind, this post will show you how to switch the app off.

Disable the Glance screen

Disabling the glance screen is easy but not straight forward. The app is not visible on the app drawer and also searching for glance in the settings search bar won’t take you anywhere. Read on to know how to disable Glance.

Steps to disable Glance screen

Open settings

Pull down the settings curtain. This is where you get the option to switch in bluetooth, wifi etc. On the top right corner you will get a nut icon. Tap that to open the settings.

Search for lock screen

Type lock in the setting search bar and select “lock screen” option.

Open Glance setting

Tap on Glance for mi. This will open Glance settings.

Disable Glance

Once inside the Glance screen tap on the turn on to disable it. MI might ask you to provide you with a reason for disabling the app. You can skip it if you want.

This will disable the Glance background on your mobile lock screen

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