Detached Reality and Tunnel Vision

It was March 2018 and I was into this entrepreneur thing. Although I was not bitten by the bug, I did mentor some of the wantrepreneurs in their endeavor. I was a part of various entrepreneurs and start-up groups and did my best to help those trying to prove their idea. While I was in those groups I often came across things like – this startup did that particular thing in that way, or that gentleman started his enterprise from scratch, and so on. It is during one of these times that I wrote the following in one of those groups venting my thoughts and feelings!

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Often we come across many inspirational quotes and facts regarding various successful persons. Like X% of billionaires were dropouts, or that X started his startup when he was 65 years of age, or the famous entrepreneur X always choose to dress simply and so on… These are a great inspiration to all of us. But many wantrepreneurs do take these as a singular fact – detached from other realities and proceed with a tunnel vision. This is terribly wrong. Often our parents and well-wishers object to our dreams, and we hate it. But the truth is – they object to our tunnel vision and detached reality. We as a human are very selfish. We tend to see, recognize, and follow what we love and want but ignore the related truth that we don’t like. Again, the facts which are true for X cannot be true or good for you. If Shah Rukh Khan dresses as Mark Zuckerberg, or Sachin started his career at the age Mr. Colonel Sanders did, or Neil deGrasse Tyson choose to dropout as Steve Jobs, they might not have achieved what they did. Also, the opposite is equally true.

So a request to all my friends here – get inspired – but don’t get detached from reality, don’t hide and ignore the harsh truth that lies around. If you have an idol, understand, recognize, and appreciate all their facets. Just a single color cannot create a picture – you need the whole palette.

Just a thought!

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