Brushing under the moonlight

Starry Sky Moon Lamp Cosmos  - Syaibatulhamdi / Pixabay

“go freshen up for bed” – it was for the nth time she asked me to. Although a bit sternly this time. I was, on my laptop engrosses in my designing business, muttered an inaudible ‘hmmmm’. This too would be for the same nth number of time. No more interested in this unfruitful exchange of words she finally gave up and started reading her ‘Agatha Christie’. I too began working on my design. Suddenly I woke up. Not sure when I dozed off on my laptop. It’s about to be midnight. Turned around and found her to be engrossed...

What Will You Do If Phones And The Internet Die Tomorrow?

Old Phone Antique Contact  - smuldur / Pixabay

So what do you think? What would happen if phones and the internet die tomorrow? Not sure? Well scrap that! Let me ask you something else. What is the phone number of your office buddy? Or what day was the 15th of May 2029, or what 25+64+143 equals to? If you had to look at your phone to answer, you answered the first question. ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ – and the Internet Killed Them All The Buggles 1979 hit was reminiscent of the era where video replaced the radio. 40 years hence, the internet did the same. Only...

A trip back to the memory lane

Diary Postcard Monochrome Old  - Joa70 / Pixabay

Ever since Pallavi came to know that I used to write and blog, she keeps on asking me to start writing. She loves to read and in her own words, books and her kindle are her first love. Now, I am not sure if I should get jealous of it or laugh it off. But anyways the truth remains that I write no more. ...

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