Brushing under the moonlight

Starry Sky Moon Lamp Cosmos  - Syaibatulhamdi / Pixabay

“go freshen up for bed” – it was for the nth time she asked me to. Although a bit sternly this time. I was, on my laptop engrosses in my designing business, muttered an inaudible ‘hmmmm’. This too would be for the same nth number of time. No more interested in this unfruitful exchange of words she finally gave up and started reading her ‘Agatha Christie’. I too began working on my design. Suddenly I woke up. Not sure when I dozed off on my laptop. It’s about to be midnight. Turned around and found her to be engrossed in her crime-suspense-thriller. I guess she didn’t notice my dozing off. Although this is suspicious of her, as I snore really bad even when I doze off. Maybe the novel was too engrossing. Well anyways, to save my @$$ I just got up to brush my teeth. I usually brush inside the room, but the moonlit balcony and the cool windy night changed my routine. I went out to the balcony to finish brushing my teeth. The whole area had a peculiar silence, except for the gushing wind and random barking and howling of the dogs. Leaning over the railing of the balcony I was looking across the road. The staircase of the opposite house could be clearly seen. Not sure if I ever saw that before. As far as I can remember I had never seen the staircases lights lit any other day. I was just unmindfully looking at the stairs and kind of nodding my head in tune with an inaudible song in my head and brushing with the rhythm. Suddenly I saw a lady climbing the staircase. She was very slowly climbing the stairs as if not no moving at all. At first, I thought she might be talking with someone on the mobile. The peculiar slow walk we do when we are on the phone and have nowhere to sit. But realized she was not on the phone. I could clearly see her hands peeking out of her long flowing white gown, she was not holding any phone. Also, it is highly improbable that such gowns would have any pockets. I was just speculating what she was doing when in a fraction of a second ‘IT’ flung onto the glass window and stared straight into my eye. Almost 15 feet away, but I could clearly see those wicked and angry eyes and that unforgettable sinister smile. IT was not a human, it was something unearthly and unbodily, unhuman thing that was looking at me. I could not move. I was just standing there frozen. Unable to move. Suddenly I could feel the taste inside my mouth changing. The fresh minty flavor of the toothpaste was giving way to a peculiar taste. I had tasted this taste before. Yes, when I had got my finger cut over the chopping board and licked the finger to stop the bleeding. This is not good – I could taste blood inside my mouth. Blood starts dripping from my half-open mouth. Slurrrppppp…. I slurped it up and suddenly I woke up. Got up startled and looked around. I was drooling over my laptop and still on my bed. She was still reading her suspense novel. I won’t lie, but it took me a few minutes to realize that the whole incident was a figment of my half-sleep imagination. I am still to brush my teeth. The moonlight light balcony and the wind is still there, but I was lacking the guts to go out to the balcony to brush my teeth. And anyways the washbasin inside the house does not seem to be a bad option either.

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