A trip back to the memory lane

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Ever since Pallavi came to know that I used to write and blog, she keeps on asking me to start writing. She loves to read and in her own words, books and her kindle are her first love. Now, I am not sure if I should get jealous of it or laugh it off. But anyways the truth remains that I write no more. She had one more complaint – why I deleted my blogs? I don’t have a clue myself. I actually don’t know why I deleted them. Now sitting here writing this post and reading my past writings and blogs (yup I found them, details in the latter part) which teleported to the long left memory lanes, I realized that deleting my blog is not the only thing for which I have no reason. There are many things I did and things I did not, which don’t have a reason, or maybe this is what it seems now. But that’s another story, for some other time.

So, a few days back, Pallavi told me that she wants to read my old blogs. Well, she always says this but that day it was something different. I could not say no, I had to somehow find my old posts! So I started my search for those lost writings. Some of those posts are as old as 12 years old and it is definitely not an easy task to scavenge them out. I tried once to find my old posts but could not retrieve anything significant. But this time around I was lucky. Lady luck you might say (pun intended!). I would be posting how I found those posts in some other post.

For the last 2-3 days, I have been reading those old posts. Those old posts bring back so many memories – of Delhi, my first job, my first room, and so many things. If you have seen the movie Interstellar you surely can recall the scene when Cooper, after coming back to his space station, watches the video recording sent by his family and how the emotions of so many years and so many incidents pass through him in a matter of minutes. Yup, this is how I felt. I have come a long way. Looking back (as Steve Jobs suggested) I can now join the dots. Each of these incidents that I remembered, and even those I don’t remember anymore and the ones I now am reading in these old posts have defined me in a way or the other. There is one more thing I realized, over the years I might have forgotten what I wrote, but as I read my posts I did realize that as a person my thoughts are still exactly the same as they are a decade ago. I was just reading a post that I wrote some 11 years back and realized that even though I did forget about this post long ago, I actually said the exact same thing to Pallavi a couple of days back.

Thanks, Pallavi for letting me live those moments again, that part of my life that is long vanished into the foggy abyss of the memory lane!

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