7 Top Free Blogging Tools to Set Up Your First Blog

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So you are planning to start your blog? Great. I too have faced it, and understand that setting up your first blog can be confusing. I believe that you have already researched and learned about setting up a blog. Here I will be sharing top free blogging tools that will add AWESOMENESS to your blog.

Here is my pick on the 7 Top Free Blogging Tools

Dot-o-mator – Domain Name Suggestion Tool ↗️

Dotomator - 7 Top Free blogging Tools - Free Domain Name Suggestion Tool
Dotomator – Free Domain Name Suggestion Tool

The first thing you will need is a domain name/brand name. It must be catchy and rememberable. Dotomator can help you with this.

Other Top Free Blogging Tools for Name Suggestion

Namech_k – Social Username Availability Search ↗️

Social presence is essential for bloggers. And it’s great if your social media handles to match your brand/domain name. Namech_k is a great tool to check social name availability.

Canva – Top Free Blogging Tools for Logo Making ↗️

Canva - 7 Top Free blogging Tools - Logo Maker
Canva – Free Logo Maker

So you are done with your domain/brand name. The next thing you need is a logo. Canva logo tool is a great way to create your logo for free

Canva was suggested by my mentor at ContentVidhya. Being a designer myself, I must say I am totally in love with the simplicity of this tool.

Yoast Plugin – Top Free Blogging Tools for SEO ↗️

If you are using the WordPress platform for your blog, do try out Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast is one of the top free blogging tools and is a multi-task plugin which can help you in both setting up your blog and writing posts, for example:

  • Setting up breadcrumbs, title format, site description
  • Generating Sitemaps
  • Readability analysis (use of passive voices, sentence length, use of H tags)
  • SEO analysis (keywords, links)
  • Social and Google excerpt and images

Social Debugger

Sharing media is indispensable and your link must look good when shared on social media.

It might surprise you but most of the blogs fail to leverage the power of tailor-made social tags.

Here are the top free blogging tools to check how your link will look on social media.

Site Speed Checker ↗️

The time it takes for your site to load is crucial.

Speed checker by Google is a wonderful tool to test page speed. It also shows issues with you and suggests solutions. Make sure to test both your home page and single post page.

Other Top Free Blogging Tools for Analytics

Amp – or accelerated mobile pages is a framework developed by Google, to make your blog faster on mobile devices. Most news websites use this.

Schema Markup Generator – Rich Snippet Tool ↗️

Rich Snippet - 7 Top Free blogging Tools
Google Rich Snippets

Have you ever seen ratings for a book, or prices for a product, or time to cook for a recipe displayed in Google search results? These are Rich Snippets. The best way to provide this data into google is using structured data markup.

Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) is one of the top Free blogging Tools that can help you to create such a structured date.

So that’s it!

I just introduced you to the above tools with the hope that you can research and learn more about them.

However, in case you want me to get into the details, do let me know in the comments.

Happy blogging!

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